2014 Scouting 500 Event Information



Friday, May 16th – Sunday, May 18th – Arrive any time after 5 pm


  • Please park in area 12. Be sure to print a parking pass to put in your windshield.
  • Our campsite is in Area 4 (Johnson County)
  • Attendees will need tickets and wristbands. You will get these from Chris Blackwood at the event in the camping area on Friday night. If you picked up your wrist bands Monday Night make sure you bring them. We DO NOT have additional wrist bands.

Important Links:


Scouting 500 Parking & Camping Map

Scouting 500 Inside Event Map

Scouting 500 Parking Pass


  • You will get them from Chris Blackwood at the event in the camping area Friday night after 5 pm
    (or Saturday morning if you do not come Friday night.)
  • See Chris Blackwood Friday night to get your Fast Pass that will allow you to move forward in line


  • Camping Scouts will be fed 4 meals:  Saturday Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and Sunday Breakfast
  • Day Pass holders will be fed 4 meals: Saturday Lunch and Dinner
  • Meals will be provided by the catering service of the Kansas Speedway and served from the concession stands at the Speedway, except lunch on Saturday which will be served from the four Infield Garages. Appropriate wristbands will be needed by participants to receive their meal. All food, drink and utensils will be provided at each meal.
  • No campsite cooking or cooking camp boxes


Events are free for scouts on stand in line basis.

Try Scuba:  If your age 14+ child wants to participate in this, you must do the following
1)  FILL OUT and BRING the SCUBA waivers (link below).

2)  Call 816 914 7600 for pool time.  NO CALLS AFTER 9pm any evening.

Go Karts/ATV:  If your age 14+ child wants to participate in this, you must do the following
1) FILL OUT and BRING the GOKart Waiver (link below).

Without the appropriate waivers and pool time reserved, your child may miss out on Scuba and Go Karts.



Scouting 500 Friday Schedule

4:00 pm Parking and Camping Areas open for set-up

  • Sub-Camp Headquarters operational
  • Check-In begins

5:00 pm In-Field Program “Friday Night Lights” begins, with

  • Select Pit Stops open in the Infield.
  • Access limited to Camping wristband
  • Food available for purchase at infield concessionstands

10:00 pm “Friday Night Lights” ends

  • Finalized Campsite set-up

10:00 pm Speedway Gates are closed

  • Finalize Check-In at Sub-Camp Headquarters by unitleader.
  • Top Leader Orientation Meeting at Sub Camp Headquarters

11:00 pm Taps

  • Overnight: Sub-Camp Headquarters open for emergency needs
  • Michigan Gate open overnight for emergencies


Scouting 500 Saturday Schedule

7:00 am Reveille

  • Each Unit Meets and gives instructions to its own Scouts

7:30 am Speedway Parking Gates Open for Day Pass andVisitor Pass Participants

  • Breakfast Service begins at concessions stands within the Kansas Speedway.

8:30 am Opening Ceremony & Flag Raising – Location to beannounced in your Registration Packet

  • Scouting “500” Program Area Pit Stops Open in theInfield of the Kansas Speedway

9:00 am Breakfast service ends

11:30 am Lunch Service begins for participants with Camping

  • Pass and Day Passes in the Infield Garages
  • Scouting “500” Program Areas stay open in the Infield of the Kansas Speedway during lunch.

1:30 pm Lunch Service ends
4:30 pm Supper Service opens for Camping Pass and Day

  • Pass Participants in the grandstand concession area of the Kansas Speedway.

5:00 pm Scouting “500” Program Areas Close

  • Access to Kansas Speedway in-field is closed to participants.

6:00 pm Seating for the Stage Show Opens in the grandstandof the Kansas Speedway.
6:30 pm Supper Service ends
7:00 pm Stage Show Begins
8:30 pm Select Pit Stop activities re-open
10:15 pm Stage Show Ends with Fireworks Display
10:30 pm All Pit Stop Activities Close

  • Day Pass and Visitors leave the Kansas Speedway
  • Camping Units leaving on Saturday night must check out at Sub Camp Headquarters
  • Camping Pass Participants return to campsite
  • Head Count taken by Unit Leaders

11:00 pm Taps
11:30 pm Parking Lot Gates are closed

  • Overnight Sub-Camp Headquarters open for emergencies
  • Michigan Gate open overnight for emergencies


Scouting 500 Sunday Schedule

7:00 am Reveille
7:30 am Breakfast Service begins at concessions stands within the Kansas Speedway.

  • Kansas Speedway Gates are open for outbound traffic

8:30 am Breakfast Service ends.

  • Religious Service Begin. Listing of services will be provided in your registration packet.

9:30 am Religious Services end

  • Unit Campsite is packed up and loaded onto Equipment Vehicle.
  • Camping Units check-out at Sub-Camp Headquarters

11:00 am All Camping units and participants leave the Kansas Speedway

  • Noon: Richard Petty Driving Experience Begins. Open to all Scouters for a reduced rate of $49.00

For more information about the Scouting 500, please contact Chris Blackwood at christopher.blackwood@ericsson.com