Adult Leadership Opportunities

Troop 10 and the Trailhead District have several immediate opportunities for adults to help. Please consider the best way for you to help Scouting and get involved. It is a great way to give back and spend time with your son. The level of experience and time involved varies depending on the position. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the opportunities please contact Ron Clary, troop committee chair.

Troop 10 Quartermaster

This is the troops number one priority. This position oversees the upkeep and purchasing of all of the troop equipment. They will direct the color team that is assigned to the campout and make sure they have what they need. This position has evolved into a leadership position using the color team leaders to help with the lifting. This will help ensure we have enough hands to get every campout managed getting the equipment there and back.

Time involved is prior to each campout directing the loading of the truck and making sure the troop has the right equipment. And keeping an inventory of what the troop has, needs to repair and purchase.

Troop 10 Scribe

Takes the minute at the monthly troop meeting and submits them to be posted.

Time involved is minimal. Once a month committee meeting and 30 minutes to type and submit the minutes.

Troop 10 AV Coordinator

This position set-ups the sound system  at meetings when we need it (approx. 4x a year at meetings) working with the janitor. They also direct setting up the sound system at campouts for movie nights and the initial sound system set-up at Bartle. Rob Baker is the current AV Corodinator and will help with the transition.  

Time involved is minimal – but this is an important role in the troop.

Troop 10 Photographer(s)

We are looking for a couple good troop photographers to cover troop events. The main event is our Eagle Court of Honor. The photographer will take group, individual and cover the event. They will also keep the photos up to date for the troop photo directory and for Bartle tent tags. Covering events may be split between folks at the event and then sent to the troop photographer for editing. After each event ideally we’d like to post the best 10-12 photos on the T10 website. Some photo direction will be given prior to the events as to what we need to build our site library.

This is a fun position that gets to share their art with the troop. I know a lot of our adults have cameras at our events and we now need a couple to step forward and help us with this important troop communication and gift to our Eagles.


Troop 10 Web Folks

If you have web experience or WordPress experience we can use your help minting the troop calendar, web and social media.

Time involved varies per week and how much you want to be involved.

Other Ways to get involved with T10:

The Mustang program – Can always use additional help. There are various positions, some require skills many others just a willingness to work with our youngest Scouts. Please talk to Jim Wasco.

Event Troopmaster – HOAC has a lot of events that we fail to coordinate and attend. The events include: Scout Days at the K, Sporting KC, Kansas Speedway, Mavericks, American Royal Parade, Scout Challenge half marathon and 5K, and many others throughout the year. All are sponsored by the council. There is no food or camping to set-up. It is just a matter of promoting the event to the troop and making sure that if we go as a group we have a place to meet so we are together. The info for every event is online at the HOAC site. We will link the info to our eNews, announce it the boys with Monday night sign-ups. These are great opps for the younger boys to get activity credits they need for advancement. And they are fun, reduced price events in the area.

Old Goats – always need help at campouts in the Old Goat patrol – These are the guys who make sure the adults eat well. Currently Ken Green is the head old goat. Because he will be the 2015 Bartle Scoutmaster he is concerned about his time. So he needs additional help.

Advancement Chair – tracks the Scouts advancement and inputs it into Troop Master. Ernie Rupp is the AC and can always use help. There are several leaders in the troop that help with recording Troopmaster records and can help train you on the program.

Trailhead District Unit Commissioner:

There is currently a need for two Unit Commissioners (UC’s). In this position, the UC will help serve as a liaison between a Cub Scout pack, and the district office.  UC’s help with any administrative needs, and also help to ensure the pack has access to, and understands all the tools available to them so a pack can deliver a fun, safe and successful program to the boys.  The only requirements for the job are a willingness to serve, and motivation to help deliver a great program to the pack. Currently there are a great group of men and women at the district level who are UC’s and they could use some help.    UC’s will receive all the training necessary to help improve their skill sets.  It is not necessary to be an active volunteer in Troop 10 – this invitation is open to all interested men and women who have a love for the task at hand.  Anyone interested, please contact Tracy Thomas.

Many thanks,
Tracy Thomas, Vice Chair – Support, Trailhead District