Mustang Requirement Work Schedule for Mustang Campout – June 7-8

Requirements that need to be handled by the Scout 

  • Tenderfoot 4d.  Assemble a personal first-aid kit (bring after 3/21/2016 Meeting)
  • Second Class Req. 1a. 5 Separate troop/patrol activities, three of which include overnight camping. There activities do not include troop or patrol meetings. Keep track in your Scout Handbook
  • First Class Req. 1a.  10 Separate troop/patrol activities, six of which include overnight camping. These activities do not include troop or patrol meetings. Keep track in your Scout Handbook
  • Second Class 8a: Flag ceremony at any meeting or campout
  • Second Class Req. #7a & b — Physical activity tracking sheet turn in & goal setting
  • First Class Req. #8a & b — Physical activity tracking sheet turn in & goal setting
  • First Class Req. #9b – Investigate an Environmental Issue
  • First Class Req. #9c – On an outing take note of trash come up with a plan to RRR – put plan into action and share results
  • First Class Req. #9d – Earth Day Troop Service Day or other Troop service opportunities
  • First Class Req. #10 – Tell someone who is eligible to join Boy Scouts about the Troop and how they can join.  Invite to an activity, event, meeting or campout.   (Completion Sheet)
  • First Class Req. #7d-f.  Emergency Preparedness – Review Requirements at 5/6/2016 Meeting: turn in and be able to discuss at Mustang Campout

Requirements that will need parent/guardian support (Turn in Completion Sheet)

  • Scout Req #6. Complete Exercises in Pamphlet “How to Protect Your Child From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide” with your son
  • Second Class Req. #7c – Program on Drugs and Alcohol

o   Action must talk to family and report back to Mustang Leaders to complete requirement

  • Second Class Req. #8c. and d. Save money, plan item you would like to purchase, develop plan and compare prices.

Menu Planning Guide < click here>

BSA Swim Test and Swimming Advancement Opportunities at Camp Bartle

Mustang & Troop 10 Parents

For the last several years we have had several dedicated adults assist with Swimming Lessons & Testing in the pool at Bartle.  This year will be no different.  When your son arrives at Bartle, he will take a swim test (the same swim test if you went to Camp Naish Webelos camp) for their swimmer’s band.  The requirements are below.  Since many boys haven’t been in the water since last summer, I’d urge you to get in your community or gym pool to practice the requirements.

In addition, both the Swimming & Lifesaving merit badges have distance requirements.  If your son isn’t used to swimming the distance, this can be daunting.  Again, if you have access to a gym or community pool, take some time to practice and work on your endurance.



  • Jump feet first into water over the head, level off, and begin swimming.
  • Swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: side, breast, trudgen, or crawl. Swim 25 yards using an easy, resting backstroke.
  • The 100 yards must be completed without stops and must include at least one sharp turn.
  • Rest by floating…Long enough to demonstrate ability to rest when exhausted.


  • Jump feet first into water over the head, level off, and begin swimming.
  • Swim 25 feet on the surface.
  • Stop, turn, and resume swimming back to the starting place.


  • Did not complete either of the swimming tests.

Swimming Merit Badge

Boys will do swim test above, in addition they have to swim 150 yards demonstrating, in good form, the strokes they learned in class or at home.  Front Crawl, Side Stroke, Back Crawl, breaststroke, elementary backstroke.

Lifesaving Merit Badge

Boys will do swim test above, in addition they will need to Swim continuously for 400 yards using each of the following strokes in a strong manner for at least 50 continuous yards: front crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke.


Every year we get the privilege of working with several non-swimmers or boys that have had traumatic water events.  Please know that our adults have been working with youth for many years.  Our goal is to help them be successful in the pool, learn new skills and gain confidence in the water.  Since each boys is different, encourage your son to tackle this new challenge like any other.  This isn’t about finishing a merit badge, but instead about learning new skills and working towards their own personal best.

Mile Swim

Mile swim is ~18 laps around the Bartle Pool.  There is specific time for practice every day.  Boys (& adults) must do several practice sessions and then are eligible to complete the mile swim. This is a ton of fun and a real boost to an individuals skill level.

If you have any questions or specific scout concerns, please feel free to reach out to any of our Troop 10 Swim Team Adults

Julia Day, Tina Seeley, Rob Baker, Garrett Shropshire

Order of the Arrow Tapout and Induction Weekend Information

OA Tapout Campout Reminder:

  • All Scouts are required to wear their Class A uniforms, OA Sash or Tribal Attire to the OA Tapout Campfire
  • Temperatures at night will be at or near 32º. Be prepared.
  • We will be bugging out early on Sunday so we can get to Scout Day at the K. Continental breakfast will be provided by the troop
  • If you are eating with the Old Goats there is a $10 donation. Donation can be made at the Tapout or billed to your account

OA Induction Weekend Information:

  • 2016 OA Induction Weekend Packet
  • 2016 OA Induction Campout Information
  • When: 4 pm  Friday April 29- 11 am Sunday May 1, 2016 at Camp Naish Naish Scout Reservation 1100 Martinek Lane, Kansas City, KS  66111
  • District: Soaring Eagle
  • Troop: 0010
  • Youth OATR: Steven Madigan
  • Adult Advisor: Matthew Roening
  • Reminder: Health Forms (Troop will bring all Health Forms) and will provide Two-Deep trained leadership at Scouting events and activities.

Late and Walk-In registrants will NOT be admitted.

Cost to attend: $45 (Ordeal Candidate), $35 (Brotherhood Candidate), $25 (Arrowman/Non-Arrowman) Pay with Credit Card online directly to HOAC (Heart of America Council) this will not go through our Troop Account.

There will be program for Mustang Scouts and Non OA Members:

  • Griffin Klimek of Troop 10 will be in charge of the first year program at Naish

DEADLINE to register is Friday, April 15th, 2016. Youth and Adult Candidates will know if they have been elected into the Order of the Arrow at our April 9th Troop 10 Campout at Camp Timberlake. Please go online and register immediately following the campout so you do not miss the deadline. All other OA members and non- eligible Troop members may register now.

Please bring cash to purchase your OA Coup at the Trading Post. I will have coupons to reduce your cost for the wooden coup.

Only Arrowmen are allowed to attend OA Ceremonies.

  • OATR: Steven Madigan
  • OATR Advisor: Matthew Roening
  • Arrowmen Only: Please make a selection
  • Elangomat – Will go through the Ordeal with the Ordeal Candidates and be a Mentor
  • Nimat – Will help the Brotherhood Candidates and will be a Mentor
  • Runner – Help in Logistics/Guarding/and all around helper
  • Other Worker – Help in Service Project – Troop 10 always gets the Naish Pool Cleaned for the Upcoming Camping Season
  • Adults: Dr. Cochran will be heading up the Pool Cleaning.  If you have a gas powered power washer please bring to Naish with you and put your name on the power washer.

PLEASE read the attached OA Induction Packet for additional information. I will hand out Brotherhood Candidate Study Material over the next several meetings and campout. Please see me for your Brotherhood Study Packet so you can be prepared to seal your membership in the Order of the Arrow. I have attached our current OA Membership, please review your information for accuracy. Any questions please email or call:

Matt Roening
Troop 10 Order of the Arrow, Advisor

Mic-O-Say Advancement and Service Reminder to all Tribesmen

Remember there are a few things you need to do prior to Bartle to be considered for recognition in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.

  • Advancement Growth – deadline for all advancement is June 5th at the Mustang Campout.
  • Attendance – You must have better than 50% attendance at Troop meetings and other troop activities.
  • Camping – There are four opportunities available to get your camping attendance above 50%. These all require staying overnight, cooking and participating in the campout.
    – OA Tapout, OA Ordeal, Canoe Campout and Mustang Campout
  • Be Proud of your Tribal Recognition – Wear your Foxman Stick, Brave Pouch and Claw or Claws at every Scouting event. Even if you are not wearing your uniform. It allows the Tribal Council of the Troop to observe you. Without your totem we do not know your Tribal position and cannot fairly evaluate your growth.
  • Service – Work your position in the Tribe in service to others.
  • Braves – Make sure you are prepared when you get to Bartle. Have your Tribal Attire ready, start learning Tribal Sign Language and remember what you discussed with a member of the Tribal Council in SheShe Council Ring. DO NOT WAIT until you get to Camp Bartle.
  • Warriors – Besides the above – You must camp the entire session and participate with the troop at camp.
  • Adults – Make sure you have an active role in the leadership of the troop and will be attending Camp Bartle full-time

These are but the minimal that are required to continue your journey into the Tribe of Mic-O-Say. Other requirements are not known to you. Remember we are watching to see if you have grown in Scouting, matured and are ready for the next step.

If you have any questions about the Tribe please ask any one of the Tribal Council members in Troop 10.

See you at Camp Bartle.

Sachem Swift Running Mouse
Ron Clary  |  Troop 10

April is T10 Coffee Fundraiser Month

< T10 Coffee/Cocoa Order Form and Info >

The Troop 10 Premium Coffee and Gourmet Cocoa fundraiser is an excellent way to pay for Camp Bartle, a High Adventure trek or pay down your troop balance. It is also a great way to live your Scout Spirit by helping others in the troop who are in need. The success of the fundraiser depends on everyone selling coffee/cocoa. The more we sell the better the program and the more it will help your fellow Scouts. Even if you just buy a few bags of coffee for yourself (remember at $15 per bag with the net $9-$10 going into your Scout account – great bargain) everyone in Troop 10 will benefit.

  • Fundraiser sales run from April 1 to April 30.
  • We will be selling fresh premium coffee and gourmet cocoa, roasted locally and made exclusively for Troop 10.
  • $15 per 12 oz. bag – which is comparable in price to other premium coffee and gourmet cocoa in stores.
  • Coffee is available in Bean or Ground. Make sure to indicate on the order form B or G.
  • The expected net profit for each bag of coffee sold will be $9 to $10. The net profit will go directly into your T10 Scout account.
  • You will take prepaid orders using the attached troop order form during April. Coffee and cocoa will be delivered the first or second week of May.  < click for order form >
  • This is a test to sell a locally roasted T10 Scout branded coffee. For this test all net profit will be placed in your Scout’s individual account.
  • Wear your Class A uniform and your best T10 smile.
  • Make it a competition and go with friends from your Patrol.
  • Replace your company coffee service with T10 Fresh, Locally Fire-Roasted Coffee.

This product should be easy to sell – it is a good value. We anticipate good feedback from your customers. We want your feedback on customer reactions so that the Troop can decide whether to substitute this for one of the other fundraising projects next year! Let us know at

Sample Scout Script

Hi, my name is ____________. I am a Scout with Troop 10 in Leawood. I am trying to raise money for my camping and Scout programs. Would you like to buy some premium coffee or gourmet cocoa? The coffee is roasted fresh, locally less than a week before we pick it up for delivery to you! That’s fresher than you can buy in the store – and for about the same price. I will deliver your purchase right to your door during the second week of May.

2016 Bartle Summer Camp Important Meetings

Troop 10 Scouts, Leaders and Parents:
From: Herb Strain, Troop 10 Camp Bartle Registrar

I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break. Troop 10 has scheduled a couple of meetings to collect REQUIRED forms for Scouts & Adults to attend Summer Camp.

Our Mustang Parents will be meeting next Wednesday, March 23rd – 7:00 pm at Blue Hills Country Club. It is very important for ALL parents to attend as you will receive a wealth of information to maximize your son’s camp experience.

The rest of the Troop 10 Scouts will be attending the signup for Summer Camp at Prairie Star Middle School on Monday, March 28th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. All payments, and forms from all Scouts and Adults are due that evening.

Here is a list of REQUIRED forms for all Scouts, Leaders and their Parents:
All of these forms are ‘fillable’ PDF forms. Please complete them on your computers and print them. That assures we can read them. Click on links below for the individual forms or click on Bartle Forms on the Troop 10 website and download all forms that are to be turned in to Jeff Parrish.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Herb Strain

Troop 10 is accepting nominations for Scoutmaster – Deadline is March 31st

Note eNews Correction to Nomination Deadline – Deadline is March 31.

Troop 10 Scoutmaster:

Rob Day announced and discussed with the Troop Committee at its March meeting last evening that he will not seek another term as Scoutmaster when his term ends this August. As part of Troop 10’s regular succession planning process, the Troop is now accepting nominations for Scoutmaster. You may nominate anyone in the troop or yourself for the position of Scoutmaster, using the attached form and delivering it by email to, or by delivering a completed hard-copy of the nomination form to either Ken Green, committee chair or Doug Westerhaus, nomination committee chair on or before March 31, 2016, when nominations for scoutmaster will close.

Once all nominations have been received, the succession planning & nominating committee will collect background and biographical information about and from nominees who are willing to serve. It will provide all relevant information to the Troop Committee and to the Chartered Organization Representative (COR) so that the candidates can be qualified, approved and selected according to Troop and BSA policy. The schedule anticipates selection prior the the end of April so that transition can happen smoothly with Rob handing off the position at the August Troop 10 picnic to the new scoutmaster.

Position Description:

The Scoutmaster is responsible for training and guiding youth leaders in the operation of the troop, and for managing, training, and supporting his or her assistants.

Scoutmaster Duties: 

  • Be an approved and registered adult leader in Troop 10.
  • Conduct the Boy Scout program according to the policies of the Boy Scouts of America and the Charted Organization.
  • Train youth leaders by conducting, at least bi-annually, an introduction to leadership and a team-building workshop.
  • Conduct, through the senior patrol leadership, an annual troop program planning conference to assist youth leaders in planning the troop program.
  • Conduct, through the senior patrol leadership, a monthly patrol leaders’ council meeting to plan weekly troop meetings and conduct troop business.
  • Conduct, through the patrol leaders’ council, weekly troop meetings.
  • Assist in arranging and supervising a minimum of 10 days and nights of yearly camping, including attendance at a resident camp.
  • Assist in selecting and recruiting assistant Scoutmasters to work with the new Scout patrol, the Color Teams, and the Troop’s Eagle Corps.
  • Work with the troop committee chair in developing a monthly meeting agenda that will address the needs of the troop.
  • Oversee and/or Conduct Scoutmaster conferences for all ranks.
  • Participate in Boy Scout Leader Fast Start Training, This Is Scouting, and Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training.
  • Provide the necessary framework (using the BSA’s Youth Protection policies) for protecting the young people in your troop from abuse.
  • See that activities are conducted within BSA safety guidelines and requirements.
  • Such other duties as assigned by the Chartered Organization Representative.

The Heart of America Council’s Investment in Character (IiC) campaign is in full swing!

What is IiC?
IiC helps keep Scouting an affordable and effective youth development program. Funds generated by the campaign ensure a quality Scouting experience for all our Scouts and leaders.
More than 33,000 youth from 19 counties in the Heart of America Council are involved in Scouting programs. The cost to deliver the Scouting program to each Scout is approximately $169. Scouting needs your help no matter the amount of support you can give.
How can I participate? 
If you have already pledged to this year’s campaign, we thank you very much. If you have not submitted your pledge yet, see Corey Saathoff at the Investment in Character table during the Troop meetings where you may obtain/submit your pledge card. Note: No money required upfront, a pledge for later in the year is all that is needed!
Our goal for 2016 is to raise $25,000. To date, we are slightly over half way there. After we reach the goal, our Troop will receive free rank advancement patches through March 31, 2017.
Please consider joining Troop 10 in supporting Scouting. Your tax-deductible donation will directly impact the lives of thousands of youth in our community.

Red Cross CPR – AED Training

Did you know that the Troop Truck has an AED defibrillator in the cab? Would you know how to use it? If you have never taken CPR training or it has been over two years since you were last certified, now is the time refresh your skills and ensure you would know what to do in case of an emergency.

In conjunction with the Red Cross, Troop 10 wil be hosting a CPR/AED Training on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 from 6 – 9:30 pm. We are making this certification training available to all Adults and Scouts 16 and older. We are having this training on a Wednesday so that any of our Scout Leaders and parents can attend.

  • The fee for this certification class is $59.50. This is a significantly discounted rate because we are the Boy Scouts.
  • Each attendee is responsible to pay for their training. Upon RSVP, you will be billed via your troop 10 account.
  • Non Troop 10 individuals are welcome to attend the session, but would need to pay their fees in advance of the training.
  • If you would like to attend the training, please email Julia Day. We need a minimum of 8 attendees and can support a much larger training group if requested.

RSVP to Julia Day no later than March 5.

CPR/AED Training
Wednesday, March 30, 2016
6:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Overland Trail Elementary School – OTE Gymnasium
6225 W. 133rd Street
Overland Park, KS 66209

Membership Requirement to be elected to Order of the Arrow

Non Order of the Arrow Troop Members

Please note Troop 10 has the following camping opportunities remaining to help satisfy the OA Eligibility requirement for camping.

  • 1 night at  Snow Creek – Ski Campout
  • 2 nights at Jacob’s Cave
  • Troop 10 Scout Campout Attendance < click here >

If you would like to be eligible for the Order of the Arrow Elections to be held at the Troop Meeting on Monday, March 21st you must meet the following criteria.

Membership Requirement to be elected to Order of the Arrow

  • Unit leader approval – To become eligible for election, a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America and have the approval of his unit leader prior to the election. The unit leader must certify his Scout spirit (i.e., his adherence to the Scout Oath and Law and active participation in unit activities). The unit leader must also certify that the nominee meets all specified requirements at the time of this annual election.
  • Youth membership qualifications – All members of, or candidates for membership in, the Order of the Arrow who are under 21 years of age shall be considered youth members or candidates for youth membership, subject to meeting the following requirements:
    • Be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America.
    • Hold the First Class rank of the Boy Scouts of America, as a minimum.
    • After registration with a troop or team, have experienced 15 days and nights of Boy Scout camping during the two-year period prior to the election. The 15 days and nights must include one, but no more than one, long-term camp consisting of six consecutive days and five nights of resident camping, approved and under the auspices and standards of the Boy Scouts of America. The balance of the camping must be overnight, weekend, or other short-term camps. Candidates for youth membership shall be elected by other youth members in accordance with policies set forth by the national Order of the Arrow committee.