New Health Forms Policy

Troop 10 Scouts, Parents & Leaders:

In accordance with BSA policy, the Troop 10 Committee has determined that beginning this September, EVERY Troop 10 Scout, Parent, Adult & Leader that plans to participate in ANY overnight Troop 10 activity, MUST have a current Part A and Part B Health Form on file. These are simply a health history (Part A) and informed consent / release agreement (Part B). No physical exam (Part C) is required unless you are going to Summer Camp or High Adventure trip.

Dr. Bill Stark is in charge of keeping these together and asks your help in getting your forms in and keeping them current. Please direct your questions to him via email.

There is a new set of BSA Forms that are now to be used exclusively. Forms must be re-done EVERY 12 MONTHS.

The new instructions can be found here.

Please note: You will NOT be allowed to attend the September 20-22 Katy Trail Campout without having these new forms on-file & current.

Annual Bartle Adult Orientation & Informational Meeting

To All Adults Attending Bartle Summer Camp (2013):
(even if for only one day)
(even if you have attended in years past)

We will hold our Annual Bartle Adult Orientation & Informational Meeting…

When: Wednesday evening, May 22nd at 7:00pm

Where: Stu Sharp’s Farm, 13101 Mission Road

Notes: Please bring a lawn chair

Refreshments will be provided

Adults only please…

Attached is the latest schedule of when each of you are attending… Please let me know if I need to make any changes (ASAP)