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Sunday, June 15th thru Tuesday, June 24th, 2014
There are many revisions and updates in the 2014 Bartle Troop 10 Manual. We have arranged this information to be easy to use and to cover a lot of subjects. Please read it thoroughly. The Troop Committee and Leadership place a lot of importance on attending summer camp. Your son will benefit from his camp experience, and we encourage every Scout to attend. 

We are looking forward to another successful Summer Camp. Doug Cochran has agreed to serve as Summer Camp Scoutmaster. He, along with many dedicated Troop 10 leaders will be spending the entire ten days with the Scouts. They will appreciate your support.


The leadership team for the 2014 Bartle camp includes:
Troop 10 Campmaster:
Doug Cochran,
cell phone at Bartle 913-269-7293

Assistant Campmasters:
Ted Fuehr, Tim Navickas, Ken Green and Garrett Shropshire

In addition, many more adults will attend full time to spend ten days with the scouts. We are fortunate to have a large group of talented leaders and we welcome adults to join in the the effort to support the scouting program. 


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Mail Call:
Scout’s Name, Troop 10
Camp Lone Star, Campsite Seneca
Bartle Scout Reservation
5525 N.E. Scout Camp Road
Osceola, MO  64776-9000