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September 2014 – June 2015

Bartle 2015 Deposit Due
Sep 29 all-day Adults Bartle Scouts
$100 Deposit (per person) An additional $25 late fee (per person) will apply if deposit(s) not paid by Sept 29th, 2014
Bartle 2015 Scout Final Payment Due
Feb 2 all-day Adults Bartle Scouts
$310 Final Bartle 2015 Scout Payments are due Fully refundable (less late fees) until April 10th, 2015
Load Truck - Stick of Butter Patrol @ South KC Storage | Kansas City | Missouri | United States
All members of the Stick of Butter Patrol and all Quartermasters Meet at the Troop Equipment Locker – 133rd & Holmes
Bartle 2015 Adult Final Fees Due
Mar 30 all-day Adults Bartle
Adult Final Fees are due by March 30th, 2015
Bartle 2015 Mustang New Scout Fees Due
Mar 30 all-day Adults Bartle Mustangs Scouts
New Mustang/Scout fees are due