Eagle Corps

The Eagle Corps, are Eagle Scouts who wish to begin fulfilling their oath-bound duty to community and provide quality young adult leadership to troops that would otherwise not be able to participate in Scouting. Our mission is to act as role models and active leaders. Ideally, two or three Eagle Scouts of Eagle Corps are assigned to an inner city troop that is short on young adult mentors.

Currently, we work with Troop 27/56 based at 5931 Swope Parkway KC,MO in the “Scout Cabin.” The troop has a long history and excellent adult leaders, but most of the scouts are young and need older Eagle Scouts as mentors. Our participation with the troop varies widely. We attend their Tuesday evening meetings and their monthly campouts. We attend as much as can fit our schedules.

Our focus, lies in the deed, rather than in the title. We have all achieved the honor of  Eagle Scout but, recalling the Eagle Scout Charge, we have also accepted an obligation to community and country. Eagle Corps is all about realizing this duty.

There is much opportunity to deliver the benefits of Scouting to those who could most benefit from it. If you would like to know more information please contact:

Jim Shetlar,
Eagle Corp Advisor