Campout #4 – Canoe Campout

May 2, 2014 @ 11:00 pm – May 3, 2014 @ 11:30 pm
Canoe Campout
Riverfront Trail
Lebanon, MO 65536
$45 or $30 +$5 option
Campmaster Chris Blackwood, Mustang Coordinators Jim Wasco Matt Roening
(972) 978 0525 (Chris' Mobile)

Activities & Schedule:  We will be camping Friday night ONLY and will canoe Saturday morning.  We will return home Saturday evening after “LUNNER”.  If you plan to arrive late, leave early or leave during the campout, you MUST contact our Scoutmaster, Rob Day,  by 8:00am, Thursday May 1st or you may not get credit for the campout.



Friday, May 2nd

  • Leave for Riverfront Camp as early as possible so you can set up before dark.
  • Find your designated camping area (Adults, Scouts, and Mustangs) and set up camp.


Saturday, May 3rd

  • Breakfast.
  • “Safety Afloat” discussion
  • Leave via campground bus for Moon Valley and Windyville float put-in points (7 or 12 mile floats).
  • 7 mile Moon Valley->Riverfront float required for all Mustangs and their parents and recommended for other scouts and parents with limited experience
  • $5 upcharge for 12 mile Windyville -> RiverFront for all other scouts PROVIDED: Must be STAR rank and have completed Lifesaving or Swimming Merit badget and be 13 yrs or older.
  • SNACK ONLY on the river (we will cook a late lunch/early dinner upon arriving back in camp–LUNNER)
  • There will be limited time for Scout Skills for new Scouts
    • Limited SM Conferences and Boards of Review
    • 2nd Class Req. #3b—Choosing a patrol site and where to pitch tent.
    • 2nd Class Req. #3c—Care, sharpening, use of knife, saw, and axe (Totin’ Chip). (repeat session)
    • 2nd Class Req. #3g—Plan and cook one hot breakfast or lunch
    • Review How to Use Compass
    • Measuring Pace/distance – Bearings
    • Open Sessions for Testing
  • Complete camp breakdown/packing after LUNNER cleanup
  • Depart for Home Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m.
  • Arrive home at 6:30pm


Equipment Needed:   

(There is no Uniform of the day – A “Canoe Trip” T-shirt will be handed out to everyone)

Scouts: (please consult your Scout Handbook for a complete list of equipment)

  • Weather appropriate clothing, extra dry clothing to change into at night
  • Sturdy boots or shoes & extra pair shoes.
  • Sleeping Bag, ground mat
  • Mess Kit (bowl, plate, insulated cup, knife, fork, spoon)
  • Rain gear, sunglasses
  • Canteen or water bottle
  • Swimsuit, River appropriate clothing and shoes
  • Sun block and hat (mandatory), bug repellant, towel
  • Tents & ground cloth if you took one home last month

Equipment Needed (continued):     


  • SCOUT HANDBOOK (pen), compass
  • Patrol tents & tarps (check to make sure ALL parts are present)
  • Patrol Cook Boxes (cleaned & stocked)
  • Food for all meals
  • Lifejackets (provided by Riverfront) Adult size life jackets may be limited so if you have a comfortable life jacket please bring it.  Everyone must wear a life jacket.


Patrols should work together to make sure that tents and cooking boxes are brought to camp by assigned patrol members.  If you have Patrol Equipment (tents, tarps, stoves, cooking equipment), make sure it makes it to this campout even if you aren’t attending.  Call your patrol leader, if he doesn’t call you by Wednesday, April 30th.  Patrol Quartermasters must speak to the Troop Quartermaster, Jeromy Rutledge;, (913) 433-6005, if ANY additional equipment is needed (i.e. cooking grates, bricks, tent poles, tent pegs, tarps, tents).  Paper goods & cups will not be provided.


 Coordinating Patrol: The coordinating patrol will be the Chinchilla Patrol. One of the parents of an Chinchilla Patrol Scout must drive the troop truck to and from the campout (Friday to Saturday). The Troop Truck will be loaded by ALL TROOP QUARTERMASTERS and all Chinchilla Patrol Members on Thursday May 1st at 6:00PM.  The Troop Truck is located at the self-storage facility at 133rd and Holmes Road.  The Chinchilla Patrol & Quartermasters will unload the troop truck on Sunday morning following the campout.



If you have a tent from previous campouts, please make sure it makes it to this campout (even if you are not attending).  We DO NOT provide tents or tarps for adults.  We also DO NOT provide: cups, plates, bowls, knives, forks or spoons.  Troop 10 has a policy about chairs: Only Adults & Eagle Scouts can use chairs w/ backs on campouts.  Other scouts can use tripod type camp stools.  Adults are encouraged to bring a chair.  Food for Mustang Scouts will be provided by the troop.



Food/Cooking Format: 

  • Friday      Supper: – Eat before you arrive.
  • Saturday      Breakfast:
  • Patrols plan and prepare a Hot Breakfast,
  • Adults will cook & eat as the “Old Goat” Patrol.
  • Mustang Scouts will cook and eat together.


    • Patrols plan and prepare a HOT meal after getting off the river.
    • Adults will cook & eat as the “Old Goat” Patrol.
    • Mustang Scouts will cook and eat together.



Troop Policy: NO Lighter Fluid, “Match-light”, or accelerant to be used.

Charcoal chimneys are provided by the Troop

Charcoal is NOT provided by the Troop

Cost:                       $ 45.00           Adults and Mustang Scouts

                                    $ 30.00           Troop 10 Scouts (plus patrol food costs)

                                    $ 5.00           Additional for anyone taking the longer float

Fees will be billed to your account. Please pay Julia Day, Treasurer.



Sign up via the link above or at any troop meeting before the campout.  Please sign up by April 28th at the regular troop meetings.  Provide T-shirt size (adult sizes only).  If you need to cancel, you may cancel via email with Mr. Blackwood NO later than Thursday May 1st via email to:   

If you have any questions contact Chris Blackwood: via email at

 No shows and cancellations after May 1st will be charged the full amount


Contact Numbers: (subject to cell coverage)

Scoutmaster:  Rob Day, (913) 669-6477

Campmaster:  Chris Blackwood,  (972) 978-0525

Riverfront Camp:  888-673-7668, 417-588-3386

Directions:          Riverfront Campground is located 14 miles west of Lebanon, Mo on State Hwy. 64   Go East on 135th Street – This becomes Hwy 150.  Go South on Hwy 71 about 20 miles to Hwy 7.  Take Hwy 7 about 40 miles South to Clinton and continue on Hwy 13 South thru Clinton.  Go 35 miles South on Hwy 13 to Collins.  Take Hwy 54 East 26 miles to Hwy 65.  Take US-65 South 13 miles to Louisburg.  Take Hwy 64 East about 17 miles to Riverfront Campground.  Watch for the Campground Signs.