First Aid Merit Badge 1 of 3

March 7, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Prairie Star Middle School
14201 Mission Road
Leawood, KS 66224
Doug Cochran
First Aid Merit Badge 1 of 3 @ Prairie Star Middle School | Leawood | Kansas | United States


Session 1 – 3/7/2016
Session 2 – 4/4/2016
Session 3 – 5/2/2016

Prerequisites –
Required to Attend the 1st Session

Must be 1st Class Rank or Above.

The prerequisites below MUST BE COMPLETED AND TURNED IN ON MARCH 7th.

  • Review topics on management of shock, heat and cold exposure and emergency carries.
  • Make a copy of the First Aid Merit Badge Worksheet.  
  • Read the First Aid Chapter in the Scout handbook, Chapter 4, Pages 124-177.
  • Complete written responses to Requirement 1 on the worksheets. 
    • Prepare to demonstrate basic First Aid skills listed.
  • Read How To Handle an Emergency chapter in the First Aid Merit Badge book, Pages 11-29.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate emergency carries, pages 24-29.

How to Prepare for and Earn a Merit Badge:

  • Purchase or borrow the Merit Badge handbook and read in advance of attending the first class.
    • Many Merit Badge books are available to borrow in the Troop Library
    • The Merit Badge book contains a lot of information that is useful in completing the Merit Badge
  • Bring the following items with you to class:
    • a printout of the appropriate Merit Badge paperwork
    • the Merit Badge handbook
    • writing utensils
    • a binder or clipboard to make writing easier
  • Instructors will note when prerequisites are needed and this will be noted on the Troop Calendar. Prepare those in advance and bring them to class.