Jacob’s Cave Campout

March 7, 2014 @ 11:30 pm – March 9, 2014 @ 3:00 pm
Jacob's Cave
23114 Highway Tt
Versailles, MO 65084
$30 Scouts, $45 Adults (see below)
Chris Blackwood
+1(972) 978 0525

Jacobs Cave_300x300Jacob’s Cave Camp Info

March 7-9, 2014



Fri. Departure:  Departure from Price Chopper at 133 & Mission at 5:30pm.

Sat. Departure (Mustang’s only): Departure from Price Chopper at 133 & Mission at 8:30 a.m.

Sun. Return:  We will return home after we break camp Sunday, around 11:30am.


Camp Credit

  • Be present at roll call Friday night at camp at 9pm and Saturday morning at camp at approx. 10am.
  • Be present for final roll call Sunday morning prior to check out.
  • If you plan to arrive late, leave during the campout, or leave early Sunday, you must contact our Scoutmaster, Rob Day, by 8am Friday, March 7th or you may not get credit for the campout:


Activities for Non-Mustangs:

  • Friday night arrival: Cold weather, dark camp setup
  • Saturday morning:  Cook breakfast, clean breakfast dishes, clean cooking areas
  • Saturday starting From 10:30am to 5pm, in groups of 15:  Guided Cave Tours & Guided Spelunking, including hot shower after cave spelunking
  • Saturday (while not in the cave):  Hiking
  • Saturday lunch: lunch break (bring your own sack lunch)
  • Saturday dinner:  6pm (isn). Cook dinner, clean dinner dishes, clean cooking areas.
  • Saturday evening:  campfire (with skits).
  • Saturday night:  Sleep in tents (not in the cave)
  • Sunday:  Cook Breakfast, clean dishes, clean cooking area, break camp, clean entire campsite
Special Section for MUSTANGS only
     1) Camp Credits: (Mustangs)
           * Be present at roll call on arrival at campout Saturday morning approximately at 11 am.        
     2) Activities (Mustangs)
       *Saturday late morning arrival starting at approx. 11am till 1pm: Set up tents, review gear brought tenderfoot requirements 1 & 2 and lunch break (bring your own sack lunch)
       *Saturday starting From 1:00pm to 5pm, in groups of 15: Guided Cave Tours & Guided Spelunking, including hot shower after cave spelunking.
            *Saturday starting from 1:00pm to 5pm: Those scouts, not on tour, will work on tenderfoot requirements 4ab, 6 & 8 
       *Saturday dinner: Scouts assist old goats in preparing meal, use of troop stove & clean up
       *Sunday: Scouts assist old goat patrol in preparing breakfast, clean up, clean cooking area, brake camp,
              clean entire campsite

Food/Cooking Format non-Mustangs

  • Friday Dinner: – Eat prior to arrival
  • Saturday Breakfast – Scouts will cook with patrols, adults will eat with old goat patrol.
  • Saturday Lunch – Everyone bring a sack lunch. Scouts have option of cooking in patrols for cooking merit badge credit.  Arrange with SPL and PL.
  • Saturday Supper: Scouts will cook with patrols, adults will eat with old goat patrol.
  • Sunday Breakfast:  Scouts will cook with patrols, adults will eat with old goats.

Equipment Needed – EVERYONE

Cave Exploration

  • Set of OLD CLOTHES for cave exploring & bag to store them in afterwards.  These clothes will be DIRTY.
  • Change of clothes to change into after cave exploration
  • Hard Hat (bike helmet OK)
  • Headlamp
  • Jersey Gloves (light garden gloves ok)
  • Knee pads


Bring and wear cold weather clothing, extra dry clothing to change into at night (socks, sweats, long sleeve t-shirts, stocking hats, etc.), cold weather sleeping bag, ground mat, mess kit, and rain gear.  Consult your Scout Handbook for a complete list and check the weather forecast.  Patrols will work together to see that patrol tents are brought to camp by assigned patrol members. If you have tents and tarps, make sure they make it to this campout even if you aren’t attending.  Call your Patrol Leader, if he doesn’t call you by Wednesday,  March 5th.  Patrol Quartermasters must speak to the Troop Quartermaster if any additional equipment is needed (i.e. cooking grates, bricks, tent poles, tent pegs, tarps, tents).  Paper goods & cups will not be provided.

Troop Policy: NO Lighter Fluid, “Match-light”, or accelerant to be used.

Charcoal chimneys are provided by the Troop


Please sign-up by using the new Campout Signup Form.  

If you have already signed an would like to Withdraw your registration, please use this form.


The cost for Scouts is $30.00 (food purchased by the Patrol is not included in this amount). The cost for adults is $45.00.  There is no discount for not taking the cave tour.  Your Troop account will be billed by Julia Day, Treasurer.

Coordinating Patrol

The coordinating patrol will be the Cobra Patrol.  One of the parents of a Cobra Scouts will need to drive the troop truck to and from the campout. The Cobra Patrol Scouts and ALL quartermasters are responsible to load the truck on Thursday, March 6th at 6:00pm and unload the troop truck on Sunday morning.


127 miles, Approx 2 hours 18 minutes from Price Chopper in Leawood.

Price Chopper
13351 Mission Rd, Leawood, KS 66209‎
Head north on Mission Rd toward W 133rd St
go 354 ft
total 354 ft
Take the 1st right onto W 133rd St
About 3 mins
go 1.3 mi
total 1.4 mi
Turn left onto State Line Rd

Entering Missouri
About 6 mins
go 3.3 mi
total 4.6 mi
Slight right to merge onto I-435 E/US-50 E
About 4 mins
go 3.6 mi
total 8.2 mi
Keep right to continue on I-470 E/US-50 E, follow signs for Interstate 470 E/Lee’s Summit/Grandview/U.S. 71 S
About 6 mins
go 6.5 mi
total 14.7 mi
Take exit 7A to merge onto US-50 E toward Sedalia
About 1 hour 10 mins
go 72.2 mi
total 86.9 mi
Turn right onto Harding Ave
go 282 ft
total 87.0 mi
Continue onto State Hwy M
About 10 mins
go 9.1 mi
total 96.1 mi
Slight right to stay on State Hwy M
About 12 mins
go 10.0 mi
total 106 mi
Turn right onto MO-135 S
About 5 mins
go 4.7 mi
total 111 mi
Turn left onto MO-135 S/MO-52 E

Continue to follow MO-52 E
About 11 mins
go 9.5 mi
total 120 mi
Turn right onto MO-5 S
About 6 mins
go 5.2 mi
total 125 mi
Turn left onto State Hwy TT/Hwy Tt
About 3 mins
go 0.8 mi
total 126 mi
Turn right to stay on State Hwy TT/Hwy Tt

Destination will be on the right
About 3 mins
go 1.0 mi
total 127 mi
23114 Hwy Tt, Versailles, MO 65084‎