Order of the Arrow Spring Induction Campout

April 25, 2014 @ 9:00 pm – April 27, 2014 @ 1:00 pm
Theodore Naish Scout Reservation - Bonner Springs, Kansas.Camp Naish
sign between Edwardsville and Bonner Springs on K-32.
See below
Matt Roening


Please indicate if serving as an Elangomat, Nimat, Runner, Ceremonial Team, Dance Team or other worker.


ADULTS ONLY: Please list occupation for appropriate work crew assignments OR if serving as Elangomat or Nimat.


NOTE:   Troop 10 Provides the Manpower for those not serving as an Elangomat or Nimat in cleaning the Camp Naish Pool in preparation for summer camp.  If you have a power washer please let Matt Roening know and we can make accommodations to bring it to the Pool area.



MEET:    Friday, April 25 @  4:00 PM at the Wendys’ at 8220  W. 135th Street, Overland Park, KS.  Plan to eat before arriving or grab a quick dinner there.  No meals planned on Friday evening at camp.

You will need to arrange for your own transportation and we will plan to DEPART for Camp Naish at 4:30 PM.


O/A ELIGIBLE SCOUTS:  Scouts whose names were listed on the March ballot for election into Order of the Arrow will learn if they were elected at the April Campout / OA Tapout (April 5).  PLAN TO ATTEND THIS CAMPOUT!  If for some reason, you are unable to attend the April 5 OA Tapout, and you were elected by your fellow Scouts, you will be notified on Sunday, April 6 that you ARE ELIGIBLE to attend this Induction Weekend at Camp Naish.    There you will complete your Ordeal and seal your membership in Order of the Arrow.  (This event does not apply to our 1st Year Mustang Scouts.)


BROTHERHOOD ELIGIBILITY:  Those Arrowmen who meet the eligibility requirements and would like to become a Brotherhood Member, that same weekend at Camp Naish, should pick-up a Brotherhood Study Guide from Mr. Roening at the April Campout/OA Tapout.


ALTERNATE DATES:  If you are tapped out on April 5 and CANNOT attend Spring Induction on the April 25-27 weekend, the Alternate Induction Dates at Camp Naish are:  May 9-11, June 4-5-, June 11-12 and August 15-17, 2014 or September 5-7 @ Bartle. Troop 10 will NOT be participating in these Induction dates, but they are available to you as an alternate opportunity.  Please let us know if you plan to attend any of these alternate dates.


MEALS:  Camp Naish will provide Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Crackerbarrel and Sunday Breakfast.


            Ordeal Candidates:                   $50.00 Fee provides all food, program materials, O/A sash, pocket flap, & wooden coup.                Brotherhood Candidates:         $40.00 Fee provides all food, program materials & Brotherhood sash.

            Other Arrowmen & Guests:       $25.00 Fee provides all food & program materials.

Your troop account will be charged these fees.  Fees are non-refundable after the registration deadline.


WHAT TO EXPECT:  PLAN TO ARRIVE AT CAMP NO LATER THAN 6:00 PM – EARLY DEPARTURES ARE NOT ALLOWED.  Upon arrival, units will check-in and will be directed to their campsite.  Troop 10 will camp together as a unit in the nearby North Meadow. The Candidate Gatherings will be held in the Campfire Arena at staggered times based on the schedule provided in advance of your arrival. All Ordeal and Brotherhood candidates, Runners, Nimats and Elangomats, should be present and prepared to begin the weekend at this time.  CLASS “A” UNIFORM ONLY!


Brotherhood Candidates:  Plan to study the Brotherhood Membership Questions and Answers found in the National OA Handbook and write their letter of rededication prior to their arrival at camp!  Brotherhood Candidates will be expected to serve the lodge on Saturday.  The Brotherhood Hike and Ceremony will take place Saturday afternoon.  Brotherhood candidates must have also paid their 2014 Tamegonit Lodge Dues.


Ordeal Candidates:  Your Induction will begin on Friday Evening. Ordeal Candidates are expected to wear Class “A” uniform and to bring all gear properly packed in a backpack to the Opening Ceremony. Immediately following the Pre-Ordeal Ceremony, Ordeal Candidates will be led to a place to spend the night out on the ground, in a weather-appropriate area that is a short distance from the other scout campers.  In the case of severe weather, Ordeal Candidates will bed-down in the Mess Hall.  Not terribly comfortable, but it’s safe and dry.  You will spend the next day in self-evaluation and unselfish service. Your Ordeal Induction Ceremony will take place Saturday evening.


DEPARTURE:  Parents should plan to pick-up Scouts at Camp Naish around 9 am Sunday morning.  We will be camping in the North Meadow near the Maintenance Area. No one will leave before Roll Call is complete and we will depart as a group.




In addition to your normal camping gear, Ordeal Candidates should also bring:

      These are the ONLY ITEMS you should have with you for Friday Night !!!


1.  Backpack***2.  Nylon/Plastic Ground   Cloth3.  Sleeping Bag4.  Full Scout Class “A”   Uniform

5.  Work Clothes – Long   Pants & Gloves

6.  Rain Gear & Warm   Clothing

 7.     Water Bottle or Canteen (Filled-Water Only!)8.   Flashlight9.   Medication  (As Required)

10. Personal Hygiene Items

11. Insect Repellent & Sunscreen

12. Tent (for Saturday Night)

*** A Backpack works best to carry these items.  If you do not have one, try to borrow one.

If you still don’t have one, put these items in a large sturdy trash bag.  The bag can be used as your ground cloth.


Basic needs should be packed Friday evening and ready to move easily.  Other items such as Backup Clothing, Spare Shoes or Boots, etc. may be left at camp in your tent.  Ordeal Candidates will return to camp Saturday morning and will be able to change clothes and grab essentials for the day.


Brotherhood Candidates, Arrowmen  & Non-Arrowmen will ALSO need to bring:


1.  OA Sash & Coup(s)2.  Tent and Protective   Ground Cloth3.  Backed Chair

This is a rare opportunity

to camp with these items.

Kick back & enjoy!

If you need to use a troop tent, please make arrangements to do so before your arrival.

All attendees are to come “prepared” with adequate rain gear, extra dry clothing and other items listed.  The Troop Truck will not be at the campout – Be Prepared.



  • All attendees must pre-register!
  • Fees are non-refundable after the registration deadline. 
  • Health Forms and 2-Deep Trained Leadership are required at all Scouting Events and Activities.

            Troop 10 adult leaders will coordinate.

  • ONLY Arrowmen are allowed to attend OA Ceremonies.
  • Persons with special needs (medical and/or dietary) must complete a Special Needs Request Form

            and submit it with the registration form.  Please see Mr. Roening for guidance.


Some Ordeal candidates around you may not fully respect the traditions of Order of the Arrow. Troop 10 O/A members take these traditions very seriously. Bring ONLY those items listed. Troop policy prohibits cell phones, I-PODs, radios, and game equipment from camp … Leave them home!  While on “silence” it means just that… Scouts talking while on silence may be asked to leave.  Candidates who do not comply with the basic Lodge instructions or those who are found with additional items, food or drink (other than water) may be asked to leave and will forfeit this opportunity. While completing your Ordeal you will be expected to give your best at every task that is requested.




Troop 10 leaders will supervise this weekend outing and we ask parents to share in the transportation of scouts.  If you have any questions, please call Matt Roening at Cell: 816-868-0211.  This will be the only Induction Weekend where Troop 10 will provide leadership and transportation.  However, if your son has been Tapped Out and unable attend this weekend event, please contact Mr. Roening for questions on the alternate dates.  In case of an emergency you may try either  Mr. Roening’s cell numbers or the Camp Ranger at Camp Naish – 913-422-1035.  Please email Mr. Roening at matt.roening@everestkc.net  regarding any medications, food allergies, or any special needs that our leaders should to be aware of for this outdoor event.


At no time this weekend will Scouts be placed in harm’s way.  Adult leaders will be in the immediate area, and scouts will be well supervised.  The Camp Staff at Naish has contingency plans for weather and should the elements become more severe, scouts will be shown to an appropriate shelter.  The OA Induction Weekend always becomes one of the “memories” these scouts will be able to look-back on as a growing experience and one that will last a lifetime.  We’ll keep a “close eye” on all our Scouts. 



Heart of America Council Order of the Arrow Induction Information


If you have any questions please contact:

                        OA Advisor: Matt Roening, 816-868-0211  mattroening@everestkc.net

WHERE:  Theodore Naish Scout Reservation –  Bonner Springs, Kansas

DIRECTIONS:  Take Interstate-435 North to K-32.  Go West on K-32 thru Edwardsville, KS.  Turn right (North) on 120th Street just before the Lone Star Industries Cement Plant.  If you go under K-7, you have gone too far.  Take this road to the entrance to Camp Naish on your right.    Look for the “Boy Scout Camp” sign between Edwardsville and Bonner Springs on K-32.