Order of the Arrow Tapout Campout

April 21, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – April 23, 2017 @ 9:00 am
Camp Moriah - Undeveloped Eastern portion of Mount Moriah
10507 Holmes Road
Kansas City, MO 64131
T10 Scouts and Mustangs = $15, T10 Adults = $30, T10 Alumni = $15, Cub Scout Visitors and Their Parents = $15
T10 Campmaster
Order of the Arrow Tapout Campout @ Camp Moriah - Undeveloped Eastern portion of Mount Moriah | Kansas City | Missouri | United States



Fri. Arrival:
Second year and older Scouts

•Please plan on arriving at “Camp Moriah” at 5 p.m. (allow about 10-15 minutes to drive from Leawood). The Mt. Moriah Cemetery is located at 10507 Holmes Rd., Kansas City, MO 64131.

Sat. Arrival:

Please plan on arriving at Camp Moriah at 9 a.m.

Sun. Return: 

•We will break camp Sunday around 9 a.m.

Camp Credit:
•Be present for final roll call Sunday morning prior to departure.

If you plan to arrive late, leave during the campout, or leave early Sunday, you must contact the Scoutmaster, Dave Powell, via email, by 8 p.m. Thursday, April 20 or you may not get credit for the campout.


Friday, April 21
•5 p.m.: Arrive and setup camp.

Saturday, April 22
•ALL OA Members: Prepare for ceremony & build campfires.
•OA Ordeal Members: Receive Brotherhood Study Materials in preparation for Induction Weekend.
•Camping and Cooking Merit Badge activities will be offered during the day. Bring your Merit Badge worksheets; Merit Badge counselors will be available to help you complete open requirements.
•7 p.m.: Tapout Ceremony.
•ALL OA Members: Participate and perform Tapout Ceremony. Tribal attire or Class A uniform with OA Sash and Coups required.
•NON OA Members: help Mustang Scouts and attend OA Tapout Ceremony. Class A uniform required.
•9 p.m.: Cracker-Barrel

Sunday, April 23
•Depart for home around 9:00 a.m.


•2nd Class Req. #1c: Select a location for a campsite – explain factors in choice – demonstrate
•Tenderfoot 2d: Demonstrate proper care, sharpening and use of the knife, saw, and ax. Describe when each should be used.
•2nd Class Req. #2e: Cook planned hot breakfast or lunch. Explain good nutrition and safe food handling.
•2nd Class Req. #2a: When to use cooking fire and when not appropriate.
•2nd Class Req. #2b/c: Use tools to build fire and light. Must burn for two minutes.
•2nd Class Req. #2d: Lightweight and propane stoves setup and use.
Tenderfoot Requirement #7b: Participate in a one hour service project or Second Class #8e (2 hours)
•2nd Class 1b: Explain the principles of Leave No Trace and how practiced – complete at end of campout on Sunday morning.


Friday Dinner
• Eat before arriving at camp.

Saturday Breakfast

•Patrols plan and prepare a hot breakfast.
•Adults and SPL Staff will cook and eat as the “Old Goat” patrol.
•Mustang Scouts and parents eat before you arrive at the camp site.

Saturday Lunch

•Patrols plan and prepare a hot lunch.
•Adults and SPL Staff will cook and eat as the “Old Goat” patrol.

Saturday Dinner

•Patrols plan and prepare a hot dinner.
•Adults and SPL Staff will cook and eat as the “Old Goat” patrol.
•Mustang Scouts will prepare a hot supper – food will be provided by the Troop.

Sunday Breakfast

•The Troop will provide a Continental breakfast.


•Cold weather appropriate clothing and extra clothing to change into at night (socks, sweats, t-shirts, gloves, etc.).
•Sturdy boots or shoes
•Sleeping bag

•Ground mat

•Mess kit (bowl, plate, insulated cup, knife, fork, spoon)

•Rain gear

•Canteen or water bottle



•Patrol tents & tarps (check to make sure ALL parts are present)

•Patrol cook boxes (cleaned & stocked)

•Food for all meals, charcoal and stoves

•Scout Handbook

•Patrol tarps and rope
•Scout Handbook


Class “A” uniform is required for the Tapout Ceremony Saturday evening. Class “B” uniform is appropriate for the rest of the campout.


Please sign-up via the iOS app or website (link: http://bsatroop10.org/t10-rsvp/) by Wednesday, April 19 @ midnight., after which you will be unable to register for the campout.

Please feel free to visit with the Campmaster at the weekly Troop meeting if you have any questions or problems signing up via either the app or website!

If you need to cancel at the last minute, you may email the Campmaster, Spencer Martin. Anyone who no-shows or cancels after Thursday, April 20 @ 12 p.m. will be charged the full cost of the campout.


Cub Scout Visitors and their parents $15 (each)
Troop 10 Scouts and Mustangs $15
Troop 10 Adults $30
Troop 10 Alumni $15

Your Troop account will be charged for the campout.


Mt. Moriah Cemetery, 10507 Holmes Rd., Kansas City, MO 64131

•I-435 East.
•Take exit 74 onto Holmes Road.
•Turn right onto Holmes Road at the off ramp.
•The funeral home is on the left. The campsite is behind the cemetery in the undeveloped field near the pond.
•Parking: If dry, enter the cemetery and drive to the east end of the property and park on the grass field overlooking the pond. If wet, park in the business parking lots adjacent to the cemetery off 104th Street.