Order of the Arrow Tapout Campout

April 10, 2015 @ 6:00 pm – April 12, 2015 @ 10:00 am
Camp Moriah - Undeveloped Eastern portion of Mount Moriah
10507 Holmes Road
Kansas City, MO 64131
See below
Gilbert Trill
Order of the Arrow Tapout Campout @ Camp Moriah - Undeveloped Eastern portion of Mount Moriah | Kansas City | Missouri | United States

White Color Team has QM Duty – Koala Patrol

Parents, Guest and Troop 10 Alumni:

Parents and Troop 10 Alumni are invited to attend the OA Tapout. If you want to eat dinner with the troop please sign-up for dinner and the Tapout Ceremony. The fee for dinner will go on your sons troop account.

We are honored to have Troop 16 from the Pioneer Trails District joining us this year for a combined OA Tapout. It will be a special night.

Please sign-up at Troop 10 meetings or contact: Gilbert Trill, Troop 10 Campmaster.

No shows and cancellations after April 9th will be charged the full amount.  If you need to arrive late, leave early or leave during the campout, you MUST contact our Scoutmaster, Rob Day, scoutmaster@bsatroop10.org,  before 8:00 am Friday April 10th  or you may not get credit for the campout.



22.00 + 3.00 = $25.00  Mustang Patrol Scouts, all Adults and SPL Staff

10.00 + 3.00 = $13.00 All other Troop 10 Scouts (plus patrol food costs)

The campout fee will be charged to your account by Lori O’Grady, Troop Treasurer

Activities & Schedule: 

Mustang Patrol Scouts: (Arrive Saturday morning and& depart Sunday morning)

  • If you took a Troop tent home, you must bring it to this campout or arrange for someone to bring it.
  • Arrive at Camp Moriah at 8:30 a.m. Sharp and set-up camp
  • Work on Scout skills and early rank advancement.
  • Work on cooking skills  (see below)
  • Fishing – bring own tackle and bait – worms worked well last year
  • Attend and witness Order of the Arrow Tapout Ceremony – in Full Class A Uniform
  • Cracker-Barrel Saturday evening.

All Other Troop 10 Scouts: (Arrive Friday evening, Saturday and depart Sunday morning)

  • Arrive at Camp Moriah Friday evening and set up camp.
  • ALL OA Members, Prepare for ceremony and build campfires
  • OA Ordeal Members: Receive Brotherhood Study Materials in preparation for Induction Weekend.
  • ALL OA Members; Participate and perform Tapout Ceremony. Tribal attire or Full Class A with OA Sash and Coups.
  • Non OA Members; Help Mustang Scouts and Attend OA Tapout Ceremony. Full Class A uniform required.
  • Fishing (as time allows) – bring gear and bait
  • Cracker-Barrel Saturday evening.

Other Activities:

  • Fishing in Camp Moriah’s well stocked pond. Worms work well.
  • Work on Fishing Merit Badge
  • Orienteering course for Mustang rank advancement. Bring a compass if you have one
  • Conservation project

Meal Plan: 

  • Friday Supper:  Eat before you arrive

Saturday Breakfast:

  • Patrols plan and prepare a Hot Breakfast
  • Mustang Scouts and Parents eat before you meet at PSMS
  • Adults and SPL Staff will cook and eat as the “Old Goat” Patrol.

Saturday Lunch:

  • Scouts:  Bring a sack lunch, or make arrangments to cook lunch if the meal is needed for cooking or camping merit badge.
  • Adults & Mustangs: Mustangs will cook hamburgers for the Old-Goats and the Mustangs.

Saturday Supper:

  • Patrols plan and prepare a hot supper
  • Mustang Scouts will prepare a hot supper – the food will be provided
  • Adults and SPL Staff will cook and eat as the “Old Goat” patrol.

 Sunday Breakfast:

  • Patrols plan and prepare a hot breakfast
  • Mustang Scouts will prepare a hot breakfast – the food will be provided
  • Adults & SPL Staff will cook and eat as the “Old Goat” Patrol.

Troop Policy: NO Lighter Fluid, “Match-light”, or accelerant to be used.
Charcoal chimneys are provided by the Troop.

 Equipment Needed: 

 Mustang Patrol Scouts: (consult your Scout Handbook for a complete list)

  • Cold/Cool weather clothing and extra dry clothing to change into at night
  • Sturdy Boots or shoes and an extra pair of shoes.
  • Sleeping Bag – (weather appropriate) and ground mat.
  • Mess Kit (bowl, plate, insulated cup, knife, fork, spoon)
  • Rain Gear
  • Canteen or water bottle
  • Compass
  • Fishing tackle & bait
  • Troop Tents & ground cloth (if you took one home last month)
  • SCOUT HANDBOOK and PEN (mark book with your name)
  • Field Uniform (Class “A”) for Saturday Night Ceremony

All Other Troop 10 Scouts:

  • Same equipment as above
  • Patrol tents & tarps (check to make sure ALL parts are present)
  • Patrol Cook Boxes (cleaned & stocked)
  • Food for all meals
  • OA Members need to bring tribal attire if you have it.
  • OA Members – Remember to bring your OA Sash.
  • Field Uniform (Class “A”) for Saturday Night Ceremony (if not in tribal attire).


Patrols must make sure that patrol tents and cooking boxes are brought to camp by assigned patrol members. If you have Patrol Equipment (tents, tarps, stoves, cooking equipment), make sure it makes it to this campout even if you aren’t attending.  Contact your Patrol Leader, if he doesn’t call you by Wednesday, April 2nd. Patrol Quartermasters must speak to the Troop Quartermaster, Mike Dyess, quartermaster@bsatroop10.org , if ANY additional equipment is needed (i.e. cooking grates, bricks, tent poles, tent pegs, tarps, tents).

Coordinating Patrol:

The coordinating patrol will be the Koala Patrol. Alligator Patrol Scouts and ALL quartermasters are responsible for loading the Troop Truck on Thursday, April 3rd at 6:00 pm and unloading the truck on Sunday morning after the campout. The Koala Patrol must arrange for someone to drive the truck to the campout. The Troop Truck and locker are located at the storage facility at 133rd and Holmes Road. Just north of train tracks.

Note to New Scouts – Mustang Patrol:

The Troop has a large stock of equipment we use on our campouts and other outings.  We provide: tents, ground cloths (tarps), cooking equipment, water coolers, propane lanterns, tables, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, first aid supplies and shelters for all Scouts. Adults must bring their own equipment (tent, ground cover, plates, spoons, etc.)  On this Campout, Mustang Patrol Scouts will be cooking their own Supper and Breakfast. Troop 10 will purchase the necessary food and provide the needed cooking equipment. Plenty of older Scout and Adult supervision will be provided.

Troop 10 Chair Policy:

We honor our Eagle Scouts by allowing them to use chairs with backs. Any Scout who is not an Eagle Scout must use a tripod-type camp stool. Adults over 18 should bring their own camp chair.


Troop 10 does not supply plates, bowls, cups, knifes, forks or spoons.
All Scouts, Leaders and Parents must bring their own utensils.