General Questions

When and Where are the meetings?
Regular Troop meetings are typically held Monday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00 pm at Prairie Star Middle School, at 14201 Mission Road in Leawood. Please see the Troop 10 Calendar for the latest information.

How do I Join Troop 10?
Click here for all of the information you need to begin the process. 

What adult training do I need to help with the troop?
Want to get involved? Start here.

Who do I contact with questions about the troop?

For questions about volunteering with Troop 10

For questions about advancement

For specific concerns about a scout or incident 

Who is the sponsor of Troop 10?


Adult Leadership Questions

Who are the Adult Troop Leaders?

Who do I contact about the troop website or eNews?


Attendance Questions

What is the Troop’s Attendance Policy?
Troop 10 requires that scouts demonstrate “current involvement” in Troop 10 functions, defined as attendance / participation in at least 55% in EACH of the following areas: Troop Campouts, Troop Meetings, and Courts of Honor. For greater detail, click here.

What if I can’t make it to a meeting or event?
As long as scouts are meeting attendance requirements, there is no need to contact anyone. However, if a scout is attending another Boy Scout function at the same time that will prohibit meeting the attendance requirements, please contact the Scoutmaster  (need to add link to Adults tab / Adult Leaders PDF) for approval in advance.

Advancement Questions

What are Troop 10’s Advancement Policies?
For complete details on Troop 10’s advancement policies, click here.

How do I sign up for a Scoutmaster Conference?
When you are ready for a Scoutmaster Conference ask one of your Color Team Leaders for an available time. Make sure to bring your current Spirit Card and Scout Handbook.

How do I sign-up for a Board of Review?
When you are ready for a Board of Review check with the Advancement Chair to be placed on the schedule board. He will help arrange a time for you to meet with the three adults that will do your review. Make sure to have your Scout handbook.

What is the Mustang Program?
Mustang Scouts are the Boy Scouts that just crossed over from the Webelos program or any new Scout currently in the fifth grade.  These Scouts are kept together for the first few months to get familiar with Troop 10 and begin to learn the Scouts skills they need. For more details, click here.

What is Scout Spirit?
Scout Spirit is the final rank requirement to be signed off prior to the Scoutmaster Conference.  It is defined objectively, through at least 55% participation in all three categories of campouts, meetings and Courts of Honor. It is also defined subjectively through evaluation of a scout’s adherence to the Boy Scout values:

  • Living the Scout Oath and Law
  • Contributing to the Troop
  • Contributing to the Community
  • Helping younger Scouts grow and learn
  • Showing maturity and respect for others

For further details, see the Advancement Policies page.


Do I have to attend an Eagle Court of Honor?
An Eagle Court of Honor is a time we celebrate the accomplishments of our Scouts who have reached Scouts highest rank of Eagle. This is a very important day to these Scouts and all Scouts are required to attend. It takes a Troop to raise an Eagle and everyone in the troop should feel proud of their accomplishment.

When is the Court of Honor?
Troop 10 holds three Courts of Honor each year – September,  January and May. This is a time when Scout sand their parents are recognized for their rank advancement and other accomplishments. All Scouts are required to attend.


Honor Scouting

What is Mic-O-Say?

What is the Order of the Arrow?


Activities Questions

Camping plays a large role in the development and advancement of Troop 10 scouts, as it provides the opportunity to learn valuable life skills while fostering leadership in an atmosphere of camaraderie. For specific information on the overnight campouts, Bartle summer camp and High Adventure camps, click here. 

Community Service Hours

How many service hours are required for advancement?
Troop 10 is committed to giving back to the community. While we encourage scouts to seek out service opportunities on their own, we also provide opportunities to serve within the Troop so that they may meet the required number of hours for advancement. For specific requirement details and a list of Community Service opportunities.

What are Community Service Hours?
Community Service hours do not count as an activity – exception is when they are under first class rank then it counts as one activity and if they attend the Highway Clean Up or Timberlake project or an Eagle Scout project it will count as both an activity and community service.

Community Service hours performed outside of Troop sponsored and/or coordinated events – require pre-approval from the Scoutmaster and must be signed off by the person coordinating the event. The organization they are providing service to must be a not-for-profit, religious or school type organization/club. School activities that are for a school class do not qualify.

What are Activity Hours?
Activity Hours are Scout approved events that are sponsored by either Troop 10 or HOAC. These include Troop 10 Locker Clean-out, Eagle COH, Troop 10 COH, Troop Service Projects that are not being used for service hours, Scout Day at the K, Scout Say at Sporting KC, American Royal Parade and other HOAC sponsored events. Proof of attendance is required.

Note: A Service Hour can be used as an Activity, but an Activity cannot be used as a service hour. 

Summer Camp

Bartle Summer Camp
Bartle is one of the highlights of Troop 10’s scouting year. This 10 day, 9 night sleepover camp at the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation near Osceola, Missouri takes place mid-June each year. For complete information about Camp Bartle. For complete details about Troop 10 at Bartle.


Supplies Questions

Where do I get merit badge books?
The Kansas City Scout Shop is located at I-435 and Holmes.

Where do I get uniforms?
The Kansas City Scout Shop is located at I-435 and Holmes.

Forms and Reports

For all Troop 10’s policies and forms click here:

Who needs to fill out a Health Form Part A & B?

For any and all Scouting activities, ALL participants must complete Part A and Part B “All participants” includes Scouts, parents, guardians, siblings, youth, staff, and unit leaders.


Website and Email Issues

Who do I contact if I am having issues with the Troop 10 website or email?
Troop 10 Webmaster

Who do I contact to be added to the Troop 10 website or receive Troop 10 eNews?
Please email your name and your Scouts name to the Troop 10 Webmaster.

Click here to review issues of the eNews from this Scouting year.


Helpful Scouting Links

The following links will direct you some of the best links for information about Scouting: