Community Service Opportunities

Troop 10 knows it is important to give back to our community…
These are opportunities open to all scouts and their families…

If anyone associated with Troop 10 would like to have a Community Service Project listed on this Web Page, please send complete details to our webmaster.

These could include: Eagle Scout Projects, Church or Synagogue Activities, School Activities, Troop Sponsored Activities, Service Organization Projects, etc.

Community Service Coordinator
Tina Seely

Community Service Protocal:

Community Service Hours do not count as an activity – exception is when they are under first class rank then it counts as one activity and if they attend the Highway Clean Up or Timberlake project or an Eagle Scout project it will count as both an activity and community service.

Community Service Hours Performed outside of Troop sponsored and/or coordinated events – require pre-approval from the Scoutmaster and must be signed off by the person coordinating the event. The organization they are providing service to must be a not-for-profit, religious or school type organization/club. School activities that are for a school class do not qualify.

Event Process:

Once an event is set-up or requested/ scheduled /completed you will need to do the following –

  1. Get all the details for the event – time, place, address, parking, what is required to wear and bring, expected duties and expectation of scout, age requirements, contact, how many are needed, etc.
  2. Send email to webmaster to post event on website and also include in weekly communication until the event is completed– make sure as much information is available on website. Have people sign up through you ( I would not use signup on T10 website as I found it does not work well)
  3. Keep log of scouts who will attend each event. Prior to the event, send e-mail to scouts and/or parent as a reminder.
  4. Send e-mail to coordinator as necessary to confirm participation
  5. At event, if possible, have someone take attendance – not possible at all events
  6. After event, Send email to to get hours posted so boys get credit.

Additional Community Service Opportunities



If you volunteer for BVSO, each person (including minor scouts) must have a BV Rec Permission Form on file. Mail forms to Blue Valley Activity Center, Attn: Nan Kanter, 6545 West 151st Street, OP KS, 66223