Welcome to Troop 10

The Troop 10 Mustang Patrol are Boy Scouts that just crossed over from the Webelos program or any new Scout currently in the fifth grade. These Scouts are kept together for the first few months to get familiar with the Troop and begin to learn their Scouts skills. The Mustangs are placed into existing Troop patrols just after Bartle Summer Camp. We make every attempt to place friends together and your input will be requested. Please send specific requests to the Scoutmaster.

All Troop 10 Mustang Forms and Schedule
Please take a few minutes and fill out the attached important Scout information form. Once completed please return them to Matt Roening, Mustang Assistant Scoutmaster or email them to the Troop 10 webmaster.

Troop Meetings
Troop 10 holds regular meetings on most Monday evenings during the school year. These meetings take place at 7:00pm at Prairie Star Middle School and last 60 – 90 minutes. The exceptions to this are that we usually hold a Patrol Leader’s Council Meeting the Monday after weekend campouts. Mustangs do not need to attend Patrol Leader’s Council Meetings. We do not hold meetings when there is no school scheduled on that Monday (at Blue Valley Schools).

For a list of upcoming Troop Meetings click here.

Camping and Equipment
Troop 10 plans and camps one weekend every month from September thru May. We also have a special campout in early June just for our Mustang Scouts. The Troop has a large stock of equipment we use on our campouts and other outings. We provide: tents, ground cloths (tarps), cooking equipment, water coolers, propane lanterns, tables, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, first aid supplies & shelters. We do not provide tents or tarps for Adults. We also do not provide: cups, plates, bowls, knives, forks or spoons for Scouts or Adults. Troop 10 has a policy about chairs: Only Adults & Eagle Scouts can use lawn chairs (with backs) on campouts. Other scouts can use tripod type camp chairs.  All scouts are responsible to “be prepared” for these outings. Appropriate clothing and gear are to be planned for and brought to each campout. A list is available in the Boy Scout Handbook. Flyers are made available for every campout and contain all of the specifics of that outing. Scouts (and parents planning to attend) must signup for these outings in advance, so we can plan and provide the appropriate gear and food. Signup should be done at the Troop Meetings or directly with the Leader listed on the flyer.

For a list of upcoming Troop 10 Campouts click here.

Boy Scout Advancement is different from Cub Scouts. Parents can no longer sign off on completed requirements. Please check the “Troop 10 Advancement Policies” for complete details. Ranks and awards are presented at Troop 10 Courts of Honor. These usually take place in September, January and May. The Troop uses a laptop computer to track and record Scout Advancement. It is every Scout’s responsibility to have his Rank Advancement and other Awards entered into the computer by the Advancement Chair. This information is also available on the Troop’s website in a password protected section – secure pages.

More information on Advancement can be found here.

We track attendance at meetings and on campouts and use this towards Rank Advancement (55% is required). Scouts are responsible to make sure their attendance is properly recorded. Attendance printouts are available for your review on the Website under the ‘secure pages’ section. As you work towards Second and First Class Ranks you will notice that Second Class requires five (three campouts) Troop Activities and First Class requires an additional five (three campouts) Activities. This seems to hold up most Scouts in their first few months with the Troop. Activities that count are: Campouts, Courts of Honor, “Adopt-A-Highway”, help on other Scout’s Eagle Projects and a few other special events. (Troop Meetings do not count as ‘activities’).

For a list of upcoming Troop activities, click here.

Costs and Fees 
Annual BSA and Troop 10 dues are paid in January. Campouts are self-funding. Campout fees are published as part of the event details for each campout. Additional patrol food costs are handled within each Patrol. Larger campout fees that require the troop to make advance payments must be paid in full prior to the campout/activity.

Troop 10 holds two annual fundraisers in the Fall. Funds raised in these events help offset your son’s fees.  All troop fees are paid to our Troop Treasurer. Camp Bartle Scout and Adult fees are made in several advance payments, and are handled separately by our Troop Treasurer. You may also use PayPal to pay your troop fees.

Scout Uniforms
All Scouts are expected to wear their full Class “A” uniform to all Troop Meetings. Information on proper uniforming is available on the Troop 10 Uniform Guide page. Troop 10 keeps a supply of used Boy Scout uniforms and has a Uniform Exchange several times a year. To donate, sell or purchase from the uniform exchange contact: uniform@bsatroop10.org.

2016 Boy Scout Handbook
Every Scout MUST have a 2016 Handbook. Their name should be clearly marked on the outside edge of the book pages. All Advancement will be recorded in the book. A book cover is recommended and there is also a hardbound copy available. Every advancement requirement is resourced in this handbook. Scouts should bring their Scout Handbook to every meeting and campout.

Summer Camp – H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation
We will be attending Summer Camp at the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation in Osceola, Missouri. (June 15th thru June 24th) Osceola is just south of Clinton, Missouri on Truman Lake. This is a wonderful experience for every Scout and the Troop strongly encourages all Scouts to attend. Parents often find camp relaxing and are also encouraged to come and stay from 1 to 10 days.

For more information on Summer Camp visit the H. Roe Bartle, Mustangs Parent Intro to Bartle or the Troop 10 Bartle page.

Honor Scouting Programs
Some of the older Scouts are involved in Boy Scout Honor Camping Programs. These include the Tribe of Mic-O-Say and the Order of the Arrow. Mustangs will have plenty of time to learn more about these and will hopefully be invited to join them when they reach the appropriate level in Scouts.

New Scout and Adult Forms
Please use the attached Troop 10 New Scout/Adult Checklist to make sure you have completed all of the necessary BSA and Troop 10 forms.

Many additional Troop 10 answers can be found in the Troop 10 Parent Guide and Troop 10 Policies and Procedures Guide.

Boy Scouts open wonderful adventures and opportunities for every young man. There are many new things to get used to and learn. Please do not hesitate to ask any of our Troop Leaders questions. Once again, Welcome to Troop 10.