Troop 10 Bartle In-Camp Merit Badges

Troop 10 Bartle In-Camp Merit Badge Opportunities

With a lot of help from a variety of Troop 10 Scouters, we will offer several merit badge classes in-camp this year. These are in addition to the merit badges you signed-up for at the end of March. If you have free time at camp, taking a merit badge class is a good use of your time and energy. Of course, all in-camp merit badge classes are purely optional.

For all merit badges, the best way to get the most out of your class is to get the merit badge book, read it, print out the merit badge worksheet and go to class prepared. Sharing a book with other scout friends is a good idea to reduce the cost. A complete listing of all merit badge worksheet links can be found on the second screen (scroll down a page or two) of this web page:

As a general rule, there are three times of day in which scouts have free time at Bartle – before lunch, after lunch and before dinner. Each of these free time slots last for about an hour and a half. We can use these times to conduct in-camp merit badge classes.

We have Troop swims on the third free period on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday. We also have Troop swims on the first free period on Thursday-Friday-Saturday. We will not offer an in-camp merit badge which conflicts with a Troop swim. Some merit badges may offer a working session during a Troop swim.

As best we could, we avoided scheduling Mustang-appropriate merit badges in the first free hour of each day as the Mustang program often uses this for their purposes. All scouts who have not yet reached First Class rank need to put their efforts into the Mustang program so they can rank up as their primary activity. Any time there is a schedule conflict between a Mustang program class/activity and an in-camp merit badge class, all Mustangs should do the Mustang program activity. For Mustangs, the merit badges can wait.

A few of the in-camp merit badge classes actually go off-site. This is because of the nature of these merit badges. The Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine merit badges are taught on Thursday at a nearby cattle auction. The Fly Fishing merit badge will be taught on Saturday at a stream in the area. The Golf merit badge will be taught at a golf course on make-up Monday. To participate in these merit badge classes, scouts must be Eagle Scouts and/or Mic-O-Say Warriors.

As part of each morning’s announcements, we will confirm the merit badge classes that will be offered in the day. Here is a tentative schedule for in-camp merit badge classes at Bartle.

Download pdf with schedule

Download Electricity Work Sheet