Troop 10 Campout Attendance Policy Change for 2014

The Troop 10 leadership committee voted to accept attendance from the following 2014 campouts to fulfill the Troop 10 Scout Spirit requirement for active attendance on campouts. If you have any questions please reference the Troop 10 Policy Guide under Scout Spirit. For additional questions please contact Ron Clary, committee chair.

A Troop 10 Scout will be considered active in his Camping Spirit if he attends and participates in at least five of the following 2013-14 Troop 10 campouts:

September – Bike Campout
October – District Camporee
November – The Feast Campout
December was rescheduled to March
January – Snow Creek Ski Campout
February – Omaha Zoo Campout
March – Cave Campout
April – OA Tapout Campout
May – Canoe Campout
May – OA Induction Weekend Campout – Must be an Arrowman to attend and cannot be going through induction. Attendee must participate in the Troop 10 Naish Service Project and OA Induction Ceremony. This is now a two night campout.
May – Scouting 500 – Must spend the night
June – Mustang Scout Skills Campout – If you are not a Mustang you must be active and participate in instruction for the Mustang Program or other Troop 10 Service Project.