It takes a troop to raise an Eagle.

Once a Scout obtains the Rank of Life Scout, the “Trail to Eagle” begins. To assist you in the advancement process, you’ll find links to official Boy Scouts of America forms, TT10 – T6010  checklist, and contact information on this page.

You are not expected to, nor is it advised to attempt to complete the Life to Eagle Scout journey alone. We have several leaders that will assist you in this process. As you have questions, do not hesitate to visit with a Eagle Scout Coach at the Scout Meetings, or at: [email protected].

Troop Eagle Scout Coaches: T10 Eagle Coaches
Troop 10 Scoutmaster:  T10 Scoutmaster

Troop 6010 Scoutmaster: T6010 Scoutmaster
Troop 10 Advancement Chair:  T10 Advancement
Troop 10 Committee Chair: T10 Committee Chair
Troop Communications: Troop Communications

Eagle Scout Service Project:

Complete in order:

  1. Discuss your ideas for an Eagle Scout Service Project with an Eagle Scout Coach. Page 4 of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook provides guidance on appropriate projects. A few ideas for Eagle Scout Projects can be found on the Community Agencies page.  Print Troop 10 Life-to-Eagle Checklist and Log Sheets and Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook and insert into your Eagle Project Binder bring to Eagle Coach meeting.
  2. Meet with the Representative of the Benefiting Organization.
    Discuss your project with them. Find out if they have specific requirements or building codes. Ask if they have a budget for materials. Make sure you completely understand the project and follow any requirements they give you. A project that does not get final approval from the Beneficiary will not qualify as an Eagle Project.
    A Beneficiary approval signature will be required prior to District Scouting Resource Forum.
  3. Fill out the  Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook
    • Initially, complete Cover Page and Proposal Pages A-E and bring these to a Eagle Coach for discussion.
    • Filling out Final Plan Pages A-E all the way to “Contingency Plans Section” is strongly encouraged after initial discussion and prior to the District Scouting Resource Forum, to help ensure a successful project.
    • Present workbook to Eagle Coach at beginning of any regular Scout Meeting. The Eagle Coach will look over workbook and provide feedback and guidance at completion of meeting.
    • Obtain the Beneficiary’s approval signature.
    • Upon approval workbook will be returned with Unit Leader (i.e., Eagle Scout Coach) and Unit Committee Chair signatures. (Note: the Soaring Eagle District Scouting Resource Forum meetings are held First Thursday of every month (except July), typically it takes 2-3 revisions to get approval, so plan accordingly.
  4. Present your Eagle Project Workbook at the Soaring Eagle District Scouting Resource Forum. Location and start times are available on the Troop 10 calendar. The District Reviewer will fill out the following checklist: Soaring Eagle District Initial Eagle Scout Proposal Checklist and briefly discuss project with you.  Approval at the District Scouting Resource Forum must occur prior to starting your project.      
    • NOTE: When you attend the District Scouting Resource Forum wear full Class “A” uniform, including neckerchief and slide, merit badge sash, Scout belt, socks, and nice dress shoes. Mic-O-Say and Order of the Arrow Coups should be worn, DO NOT WEAR OA SASH.
  5. Send email to Eagle Coach indicating who has agreed to help you and the project start date.
  6. Complete your project. Remember to have pictures taken of you DIRECTING Scouts working on your project. It is also good to have before and after photos of the project area. Make sure you are keeping a log of all of the hours anyone has helped with your project. These hours start with planning and end with the completed project. They include your parents help as well as the Scouts and other volunteers.
  7. Complete Project Workbook
    • Complete Project Report Pages A-C
    • Obtain Project Beneficiary’s Signature on Project Page C
    • Submit completed workbook and your Scout Handbook to Eagle Coach for review at any Regular Scout Meeting, upon approval he will sign Page C and your Scout Handbook.
    • Submit your signed Handbook and Workbook to Advancement Chair for recording in computer.

Eagle Scout Final Steps:

(complete in order unless otherwise noted and use material at links)

  1.  Check that you have completed the Eagle Scout Requirements.
  2.  Request an “Eagle Scout Application Assistance Report” from the Advancement Chair several months prior to your desired second Soaring Eagle District Scouting Resource Forum visit. Insert this report into your workbook. Before attending the second Soaring Eagle District Scouting Resource Forum – items 1-10 on this checklist must be completed.
  3. Fill out an Eagle Scout Rank Application and have it approved by an Eagle Coach. DO NOT download your application until you have completed everything else. Application must be current or it will be rejected by the District.
  4. Obtain Five Eagle Scout Letters of Recommendation using the Heart of America Council Letter of Recommendation form. Provide a stamped envelope addressed to the Eagle Scout Coach to people writing letters on your behalf. The address of Eagle Coach is:
    Mr. Jeff Luther, T10 Eagle Coach
    15821 South Apache Street
    Olathe, KS  66062

    Letters need to be received by the Eagle Scout Coach prior to your second District Scouting Resource Forum. It is recommended that the forms be delivered to your references after your first Soaring Eagle District Scouting Resource Forum visit. (Note: Troop 10 Scoutmaster will deliver his letter directly to the Soaring Eagle District Scouting Resource Forum).

  5.  Present Scout Handbook and Eagle Scout Rank Application with requirements 1-5 completed to the Advancement Chair. If approved, the Advancement Chair will issue you a “Scout Spirit Card”.
  6. Contact the Scoutmaster to schedule a conference (must have Scout Spirit Card and must be at least two weeks prior to the Soaring Eagle District Scouting Resource Forum you plan to attend – i.e., first Thursday of the month).
  7.  Write Statement of Life’s Ambitions and List of leadership positions held in other organizations (see Requirement 7 – on the Eagle Scout Application this can be done at any time). Describe what you have accomplished in life and what your plans are for the future. Remember to reference your scouting career in this document. Print out completed statement, and list of leadership positions and place it in the inside pocket of your notebook prior to your Scoutmaster Conference.
  8.  Scoutmaster Conference At the agreed date and time, present yourself in Full Class “A” Scout Uniform, with your:
    • Scout Handbook
    • Approved Eagle Scout Rank Application form
    • Eagle Scout Project Notebook
    • Statement of Life’s Ambition and Leadership Positions.
    • Your Spirit Card
    • Upon a successful Scoutmaster Conference, the Scoutmaster will sign Scout Handbook and Eagle Scout Rank Application.
  9. Obtain Troop Committee Chair’s signature on your Eagle Scout Rank Application.
  10. Send email to the Eagle Scout Coach that items 1-9 above are completed and that you intend to attend the Soaring Eagle District Scouting Resource Forum.
  11. Present your completed Eagle Scout Rank Application and Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook to the Soaring Eagle District Scouting Resource Forum – (First Thursday of month, see time and location on Troop 10 calendar). Full Class “A” uniform required.
  12. At the District Scouting Resource Forum, the reviewer will fill out the Soaring Eagle District Eagle Scout BOR Preparedness Checklist. Upon approval, your Eagle Scout Board of Review will occur on the 3rd Thursday of the month.
  13. Eagle Scout Board of Review typically occur on third Thursday of month. A Troop 10 Eagle Scout Coach will confirm the time and location of your Board of Review.  Full Class “A” uniform is required. A Board of Review consists of a lead reviewer from the Soaring Eagle District, and 3-4 adults from Troop 10. Eagle Scout Candidates should be prepared to discuss all information covered during previous visits to the District Scouting Resource Forum, and earlier Scoutmaster conferences.