Linked Scouts BSA Troop – T10 and T6010

We are dedicated to offering the same great Scouting experience, that our troop is known for, to the boys and the girls in our community​. Our linked troop shares the same charter organization representative – The Leawood Lions Club and committee chair, but will have its own Scoutmaster and will have separate committee meetings and their own budgets. They meet in different parts of Prairie Star Middle School on Monday nights. The two units may share some of the same activities and will have many of their own activities – all determined by the Scouts. This flexibility allows our Scouts to pull from each others strengths when it makes sense and to do what is best for the both the boys and the girls units. 

Our Scouts run the show.

Troops are single gender, and the young men and women in them are responsible for the activities of their troop. Adults train youth members to assume leadership roles, and with those skills, the Scouts plan the program and carry it out. By planning and organizing activities, they develop teamwork and learn to lead as well as follow.