The Troop 10 Premium Coffee/Cocoa fundraiser is an excellent way to pay for Camp Bartle, a High Adventure trek or add funds to your Troop 10 Scout Debit Account. It is also a great way to live your Scout Spirit by helping others in the troop who are in need. Even if you just buy a few bags of coffee for yourself or as a gift for friends everyone in Troop 10 will benefit.

  • Fundraiser sales run from April 4 to April 30.
  • We will be selling fresh premium Parisi Coffee and Gourmet Cocoa, made exclusively for Troop 10.
  •  The coffee and cocoa is $15 per 12 oz. bag – which is comparable in price to other premium coffee and cocoa in stores.
  • The net profit for each bag of coffee sold will be $7. You will receive $5 into your T10 Scout Account and Troop 10 will receive $2.
  • You will take prepaid orders.
  • Coffee and cocoa will be delivered freshly roasted the end of May.
  • Wear your Class A uniform and your best T10 smile.
  • Make it a competition and go with friends from your Patrol.

For additional information contact Doug Westerhaus or Ron Clary at [email protected]